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Mike Harrah is unapologetic about his life, “I work hard and I play hard.”  Turing his $800,000 profit on a spec home into a company that employs nearly 680 people in four states, Harrah has earned every right to play. Speed boat racing brought Mike Harrah to Lake Havasu, where he now owns the London Bridge and English Village attractions and built the Queens Bay Hotel, a country club, golf course, and shopping mall to complement it. Harrah is also developing resorts in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and on the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  At 36, Harrah considers himself far from retiring and is a self-proclaimed “workaholic.” Harrah says, “I’m not a dreamer, but I want to see all this work last, for myself, and most importantly, for everyone on the Harrah team, forever.”

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