Wonderland Original Mike’s is a feast for the senses PDF Print E-mail

Owner Mike Harrah has always defied convention but his unique vision for Original Mike’s continues to solidify Santa Ana’s place on the dining map.  First a Packard dealership then an empty and condemned building, Harrah has restored this architectural gem and transformed it into a restaurant that brings to mind the all-American den of a rich uncle.  Harley Davidson motorcycles hang from the ceiling. Big fireplaces, two antique bars, satellite sports feeds and all sorts of eclectic surprises greet customers.  The whimsical décor gives Original Mikes an all ages feel and the scheduled entertainment which ranges from classic car nights to karaoke to Latin-infused dance music attracts everyone from three-year-old kids to 90-year-old grandmothers.   One of the restaurant’s chief goals is to inspire people to have fun and this is lived out in Original Mike’s slogan, “Good cookin,’ good eatin,’ and good livin.’”

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