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The sweet taste of downtown Santa Ana’s comeback begins with Ambrosia

According to Dining Out magazine, “Before its recent facelift, downtown Santa Ana would not have conjured any associations with ambrosia, the mythical food of the deities purported to render immortality to those who consumed it. These days, the nectar of the gods and the rebirth of downtown Santa Ana go hand in hand.” This article charts the history of the restaurant Ambrosia, beginning with its 1970’s incarnation of the Balboa Peninsula.  Now, Mike Harrah has reopened the restaurant in downtown Santa Ana as part of his OC Pavilion Performing Arts Theater.  Since its humble beginnings in a beach cottage, Ambrosia has come a long way.  Today, guests are treated to a magnificent dining venue run by Executive Chef Jean Marie Josselin, owner of restaurant 808 in Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas.  Flawless team service, live jazz and art reminiscent of the art deco era all serve to enhance the extraordinary dining experience.  Ambrosia respects the fine-dining philosophy if a past era and provides cuisine worthy of any five-star palate.

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