09 November 2010

Mike’s Projects: The Pinnacle

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pinicle-hiI love Hawaii. When I finished high school, I scraped together the money to fly to Hawaii, thinking I’d lead the “Endless Summer” life—surfing all day. Things didn’t quite work out the way I expected and after months of working on a pineapple plantation for five cents an hour, I came back home to Orange County.

Despite my inability to make it as a surf bum, I still have a soft spot for the islands of Hawaii. When I found the perfect piece of land, I put together a luxury condominium project that I’m incredibly proud of. Located in the heart of downtown Honolulu, The Pinnacle Tower at 1199 Bishop Street is 36-stories tall and features no more than 2 condos per floor.

The Kalewalani Penthouse Suite is the only premier penthouse on the Hawaiian Islands. Here’s a slideshow  http://www.pinnaclehonolulu.com/ where you can see some of its most elegant features.



Mike Harrah

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